Artist Statement


Monique paints with deep tonal perspective and vivid feel20161008_171215 in her horizon line abstracts. She manipulates color and line to move the eye to, and beyond, the horizon – evoking open air, the feel of wind in the face, the smell of life in water and earth, and the sheer majesty of looking far to the edge, and beyond.

“I am a painter of the sublime we all feel when standing at the edge of the ocean, looking out across the aquas and greens, taking into the soul the vastness of the water and the limitlessness of the horizon, and knowing the insignificance of our individual joys and sorrows.”

She maintains a studio in New York City and North Yarmouth, Maine. In Maine, nature and quiet provide a space to create, and where she can leave the electric life of New York City behind. Although, life in the city, the charge of creative juice, is what pushes her beyond her horizon.


Ms. Leahy does not limit herself to just one style of painting. The curves and colors of the physical body are displayed using the process of sgraffito, or scraping on deepening layers of blues, purples, and grays without the use of brushes, which gives life and depth to an otherwise flat dimension.

Monique started this series of paintings in Virginia one Saturday morning after not painting for many years. She laid out her tubes of paint, gave herself one hour to see what she could produce, and because she was short on time, grabbed a scrapper, slathering the paint onto the canvas. One hour turned into several, and her technique was born.

Since this first painting, which she still cherishes as new life in her soul, she continues with this technique to explore the effect of color and form.

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a turning point, a realization of hope, an expression that life had more creativity I could bring to it.”

Rex Hausmann, international artist, Director Hausmann Millworks – A Creative Community; MFA Savannah School of Design. “Great Imagery of Blue. Fantastic human being. The sky is the limit.”

Gratia Williams, Former Curator, Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation; PhD, Art History, Columbia University. “Ms. Leahy’s paintings reveal an engaging expression of her unique artistic vision.”

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