Many of Ms. Leahy’s paintings require intense labor. Monique, tapes, chalks, adjusts, re-tapes, and then paints at least three layers to get vivid, true color.

Shown below is the beginning taping and chalking process of a nine-canvas piece. The horizon lines looks sloppy and unfinished, no one really can tell how it will look when it is finished. But, Monique has a vision in mind.


Below shows the piece almost done, with one final adjustment.


And, the final finished nine-canvas painting.

20170305_095146.jpgDigital Horizon • Acrylic Nine Canvases 24” x 36” $4700

Ms. Leahy loves the depth that color alone can produce. In her abstract landscapes she often uses numerous shades of color, which produces closeness and distance, undulations, the sweetness of the blues, and the glare of the yellows.

Shown below is a painting that has sixteen shades of blue including phthalocyanine blue, dioxazine purple, and cerulean blue. The color changes the depth of the sky and water, moves the still painting, and tricks the eye to see the reality of the landscape when, in actuality, it is unreal.


Blue Over Blue • Acrylic on Canvas • 16” x 20” • $1200

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